Andreas Duus Pape's THE BIG HIT

"The Big Hit" is a little folk in a complicated world. A martin guitar, a couple Hohner blues harps, and voice.

Green Valleys of Tennessee is an intimate view of a young American soldier overseas. Storm Comin' is a deperate blues ballad with a rolling, echoing charm. You can listen to samples of all the tracks, and get the cd at CDBaby or the music files on iTunes or at

What is THE BIG HIT?

How can I hear it?

What do people say about it?

Who are you? (And what's up with all the flags?)

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What is THE BIG HIT?

Indeed, what is the big hit?

Is it an egotistical prediction that this album will be enormously successful? Or a mocking self-referential version of same? Perhaps the joke is: often, when albums' names are songs, they are the named after the big single off the album; so perhaps the musician just chose "the big hit" to stand for that tune, whatever it turns out to be?

Or maybe it's not so clever. Maybe it's just some kind of "oh, I'm so rock-and-roll" drug reference? Is that it?

Or maybe it's a reference to a mafia-style hit? That would be consistent with the "guitar-case/coffin" thing going on on the cover. But what's that supposed to mean then? That organized crime has placed a hit on American rock-and-roll? Or is organized crime supposed to be a metaphor? Like Clear Channel or something? Or is that too literal?

Or is it some grandiose post-9/11 thing? Like "We've all taken a big hit." Does "The Big Hit" refer to 9/11 itself, maybe? There is that bit in that song about 9/11, after all.

Dammit, what is THE BIG HIT?

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How can I hear "THE BIG HIT?"

  1. You can listen to samples of all the tracks and get the cd at CDBaby or the mp3s at, OR
  2. There's some free music here, including
    1. Green Valleys of Tennesee and
    2. 4 Years Too Long
  3. Or buy it right now:
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THE BIG HIT: Bonus material for hardcore fans

LITTLEBOXES is offering an exclusive download of ADP's cover of the Beach Boys' "I know there's an answer."


Even more downloads are on the free music page.

Another fan download: the evolution of the cover art.


Critics' Corner

Andreas finishes his concerts drenched in sweat as though the emotions and music had to be wrung out of him. On this record Pape proves that he can transfer the passion of his live performances to the CD format.
        - the PANDA
          litteboxes music

I find that I keep replaying the first two songs. That line "...but I heard that hell don't freeze" is a killer.
        - Dr. G.S.
          Ann Arbor, MI

These are tunes you will find yourself humming after listening to the cd a couple of times, especially selfish, very humorous and enjoyable. Hepatitis B also tickles my funny bone! Andreas's guitar work is wonderful.
        - listener D.A.
          Grand Rapids, MN

Hi, I am listening to your music, I love Dylan so of course I see a lot of similarities, thank you so much.
        - listener P.A.
          Tel Aviv, Israel

I like the disc a lot; the songs and playing/singing sounds really good and also the recording quality is excellent. I'm impressed with how clean it all sounds. Great work.
The album website is pretty sweet. I also really liked your vocals on the "I Know there's an Answer" track. Keep up the nice work.
        - listener M.B.
          Chicago, IL

thought you might be interested to know that i've been listening to "selfish" as i try and work out one of my characters.

thanks for the inspiration!
        - listener B.T.
          Pownal, VT

Just thought I'd let you know I've listened to the whole album and it's really good.
        - listener B.R.
          Ann Arbor, MI

There are some good moments on there. My fav's so far are Gas to Albequerque Blues, The Rock of Gibraltar and Selfish. I like the background vocals on the Rock, creates a nice texture. The tunes are simple folk ditties, and the emotion carries you through.
        - the manchild
          Paterson, NJ

The Big Hit is as irreverent as parodies come, and exhibits a great deal more energy than the tired, pun-filled Naked Gun clones. This movie isn't afraid of venturing into the realm of bad taste -- in fact, it revels in it. There's sure to be something in The Big Hit to offend just about everyone, but the film is audacious enough that I found myself gaining sporadic entertainment from its cheerful, cartoonish spoofing.
        - James Berardinelli
          reelviews: Berardinelli sees film


I want to keep up with you, Andreas.

First of all, you have any questions--like about getting me to play somewhere or about the music or anything--you can email me at It's that easy. If you send a few nice words about the album, it might get on the website.

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Without some people, this wouldn'ta happened.

Many thanks to all my friends. Special thanks to Aaron for photography and graphics design, and to Nate for musical advice. Special thanks to housemates Marga, Stephanie, and Anne; Lucie, Lina, Bob, Barbara, Emma, Martin, Rose, Kata, Heidi, Peter D, Kate, Jane, Jordan, Paula, Tien, Rafael, Andy P, Lindsay, Betsy, Inna, Andy S, Igor, b.b.r., Amy, Jaymie, Mark, Joel, Matt G, Matt B, Naomi, Pete S, Nicole, Eun Jung, Jooyong, Austin and the manchild, Sarah, Julie, Bree, Rafe, Aaron B, Dea, Christian, Tatiana, Ben, the other Ben, Adam, Alissa, Chris, Mine, Peter M, Charles, Ron, Seb, J.B., Van Winkle, Ann, Chin, Quinn, Erika, Bill, Esperanza, Emre, Kathy, and Sara; Gary, John, Warren, and all the other Solonators; the balcony dwellers in Sante Fe. And thanks to my family, who are as supportive as one can ask for. I'm very lucky to have all of you.

This album is for Emily.

the fine print:
Andreas plays a Martin Dreadnought and Hohner Blues Harps. He plays a Gretch electric on Hepatitis B, and a Garrison 12-string on Rock of Gibraltar. Selfish was recorded live on March 14, 2004. He uses Shure microphones, a Tascam Portastudio, and GarageBand and Sound Studio on his Macintosh Powerbook G4.

Well, that's it...thanks for visiting. If you're ever interested in booking me or following the shows, drop me a line! Thanks!



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album price #
ANDREAS DUUS PAPE: The Big Hit $10.00
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Orders sent by CD Baby - the fastest, safest, and easiest place to buy CDs online. You can also call 1-800-448-6369 to order by phone.


Songs on the album
1. Gas to Albuquerque Blues (listen)
2. 4 Years Too Long (listen)
3. Poinsettia (listen)
4. Rock of Gibraltar (listen)
5. Storm Comin' (listen)
6. My Favourite Affair (listen)
7. Hepatitis B (listen)
8. Sittin' on a mailtrain (listen)
9. Green Valleys of Tennessee (listen)
10. Selfish (Live) (listen)
11. Morning Dove


at the album release party
(photos by jane dokko)



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